Colours vary

Be aware that every media you use will reproduce your colours differently. Pantone PMS
colour specifications are great for spot colours in the printing world, but can’t always be
matched in CMYK the main gamut of commercial offset printing. Also digital printing may
also produce another variation, some digital printers use RGB rather than CMYK. Screen
printing inks while made up to PMS specifications are often more intense in colour than
offset printing. If your signwriter wants to use signwriting vinyl or paint there will be
another mismatch. Plus on Television and the internet your colours will be different on
every screen. Colours and images will look brighter, more vivid on Television and the internet/computer simply because they are back-lit.

What do you want to achieve with your graphic design?

Have a clear idea of how your target market sees your business. Use your graphic design to reinforce that profile. Consider whether your leaflet design or website is to reinforce your existing image or are you appealing to a new market segment. Consider if your company image should appear feminine or masculine, young, clinical, formal or casual. It’s no good your graphic design looking like a five star hotel if your market is budget minded backpackers and vice versa.