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Our Web Hosting Packages

Designed for small to medium business websites,

• No banners or pop-up advertisements.

• Free web/email virus protection at server level,

• Free email SPAM protection,

• Monthly statistics on request,

• 5 email accounts,

• 100 MB space,

• 500 MB monthly traffic,

Plus more features.

Web Hosting cost $170 pa (in Australia+GST)
Includes weekly back-end maintenance to ensure your website is up-to-date. Plus saving you the need to understand the technicalities of a website construction.
e-commerce websites need larger web hosting packages depending on the size of the online shop.


*Please read our Terms & Conditions

Running your business using a free webmail account, like Gmail or Hotmail, you can scare-off customers who think your email is dubious; set-up by a hacker trying to obtain their information. This might not seem fair, but is the reality of the internet nowadays. The other impression it gives is that you’re not in business permanently as anyone can set up a free email address. People are tired of the endless SPAM that makes it through spam filters into their inboxes daily. Not to mention the on-line scams using free webmail accounts.

Setting up your very own personalised business email address can avoid all this.  And it’s not that hard; as all the set-up is completed by Ad image. Once you’ve got your own domain name, simply purchase an email hosting package (if you don’t want a website) and you can start using your personalised business email account.


Our Email Hosting Package

Designed for small businesses not ready to have a website, but wanting the professional look of their own email address rather than johndoe@hotmail.com

Up to 5 email addresses for just $50 pa (in Australia+GST)

*Naturally, you will also need to register a domain name.

Our Business Card Website
Buy our Email hosting package and then buy a Business Card Website, a single page with your company’s basic details and contact information.

A once only fee of $50 (in Australia+GST)


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