Responsive Websites – Mobile devices

Since Google announced back in March 2015 they were changing the ranking of sites they considered not mobile-friendly, there has been a rush to make websites mobile friendly. Globally there are more mobile devices now than desktop or laptop devices, but are they all your consumers? For example, Laos SE Asia a developing country with a population of nearly 7 million has 5 million mobile phone users, but how many of those are likely to be your target market. I believe in the rush to mobile layouts it has been overlooked that while there is a strong trend to searching on mobile devices (phones & tablets) that this is not so true for non-consumer websites.  Many business to business websites are better off staying with a layout that suits desktop screens as that is the more likely way their potential clients will view them. Of course your website still needs to be responsive to mobile devices, but should be designed primarily for desktops. Websites designed for small screens only, usually look bland and sparse on large screens.

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