What should my logo look like?

The actual design of a logo is dictated by your marketing plan. Generally speaking, simplicity will serve you better than complex. But to arrive at simplicity the design process will go through multiple complex ornate designs that are then whittled down to a clean simple design. Very rarely does a designer come directly to a simple design. So, sometimes it’s hard for the layman to see the value in the final finished simple design.

The design of a logo like most advertising material needs to have visual impact and
reflect the positioning, nature and style of your business.

Observe the market leaders in your market segment and how they present themselves. Try to understand what personality they are projecting. For example, a hardware store will have a masculine personality with staff in aprons and boots, and tough bulky display units. A young female fashion shop may have a funky feel with cool posters, staff in the latest fashion, bright furniture and carpets. Similarly your logo needs an appropriate personality. Read More